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Dorrit Black (1891-1951) Australian Artist

Dorrit Black Australian Modern ArtistBlack Swans, 1937 (colour linocut)

Dorrit Black Australian Modern ArtistTaormina, 1928 (watercolor)

Born in Adelaide, Dorrit Black studied at Julian Ashton's Sydney Art School 1915-23 where she later became a part-time instructor. Black travelled to Europe in 1927 and studied the linocut technique with Claude Flight at the Grosvenor School of Modern Art in London and painting under André Lhote and Albert Gleizes in Paris.

In 1929 Black returned to Sydney opening the Modern Art Centre 1932-23 which she ran, giving lessons and promoting post-impressionist and cubist art. She also exhibited her own work there in solo and group exhibitions. Black moved to Adelaide in 1935 becoming involved in the administration of the Contemporary Art Society.
She produced linocuts from 1927-51 and together with Ethel Spowers and Eveline Syme, fostered a wider interest in the colour linocut in Australia. (evabreuerartdealer.com.au)

Dorrit Black Australian Modern Artist

Dorrit Black Australian Modern ArtistStill life, 1935

Dorrit Black Australian Modern ArtistGum Tree

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