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American Magic Realist Painter O. Louis Guglielmi (1906-1956)

Women of Peterboro 1932

Relief Blues 1938

Guglielmi was born in Egypt in 1906, his family moved to Italy, then in 1914 to New York. He received his art degree at the National Academy of Design in 1925, taking sculpture classes at the Beaux Arts Institute and a Tiffany Foundation fellowship.
Before 1933, the artist painted architectural motifs, later, influenced by Giorgio de Chirico's painting, Guglielmi produced artworks combining Magic Realism and Surrealism concepts.
Louis Guglielmi taught painting classes at the New School for Social Research in New York City and Louisiana State University, painting abstract artworks in his last years.

Recurrent Theme in Red 1943

The River 1942

The River detail

Town Square

The Gallants

Martyr Hill 1933

Subway Exit 1946

Terror in Brooklyn 1941

Connecticut Autumn 1937

Brooklyn Piscatorial 1941


Memory of the Charles River 1936

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