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Swedish Painter Ava de Lagercrantz (1862-1938)

Portrait by Swedish Painter Ava de LagercrantzSoprano Greta Torpadie Bratt

Ava de Lagercrantz was a Swedish royal portrait painter, working in Sweden, New York (1903-1923), Stockholm (1923-1936) and Paris (1936-1938).
She studied in Stockholm and in Paris. The artist participated in the Paris Salon in 1888, 1889 and 1890th In Paris. While living in New York, Ava de Lagercrantz twice was called home to Sweden, to paint the reigning monarchs.
Ava Lagercrantz was a cousin of Sweden's Ambassador in Washington, Herman Lagercrantz and this became a conduit for orders of portraits in oils, pastels and miniatures from the diplomatic corps, the world of opera and prominent New Yorkers. She was the daughter of Vice Admiral Jacob Reinhold Lagercrantz and died unmarried.

New York Times, May 2, 1909

"Miss Lagercrantz Back from Stockholm, Where King Gustav Sat for Her"

Miss Ava de Lagercrantz, a cousin of the Swedish Minister at Washungton, has returned to New York after a visit to Stockholm to paint the portrait of King Gustav. Miss de Lagercrantz has been in this city for the last six years, and the "command" to paint the King came in October.

The portrait is in miniature, and the copy, which is to be seen at the syudio in Carnegie Hall, shows the King in the full-dress blue uniform of an Admiral, and adorned with many decorations and orders.

A room was made ready in the palace and the uniform placed on a mannikin., so that the details of the picture could be worked out at leisure. The King received the artist when he had time for a sitting, posing in the full-dress uniform to assist the artist. "His Majesty's considerateness was far beyond that of the ordinary sitter," said Miss de Lagercrantz, "and it would be so nice if only some of the New York leaders in society, who want to have their pictures painted, would be only hald as obliging. The women here have no consideration for the artists. They must wait till the ladies have finished with the dressmaker or been to the seventh afternoon tea. In fact, a monarchy is much more democratic in that way than a republic, where every one claims to be so democratic."

Among the Swedish artist's other royal commisions have been the portrait of King Oscar, the father of the present Swedish ruler, and the Princess Theresa.

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