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Contemporary Art Paintings by Liu Ye

Banned Book 2, 2008

Liu Ye studied industrial design and mural painting at the Central Academy of Fine Arts before moving to Germany to pursue an MFA at the Fine Arts University in Berlin. His acrylic-and-oil canvases have been presented and extensively exhibited in China, Germany and Switzerland. In the US he is represented by Sperone Westwater, his debut took place in 2006.
In April 2010 his painting “Bright Road” was sold for $2.5 million at a Hong Kong auction, the most for a Chinese contemporary artist in two years.
According to art historian Pi Li, “Liu Ye’s work implied the arrival of a new era concerned with invidualism and the self.” (speronewestwater.com, flickr wakarimasita)

Miss, 2008

Night, 2005

Going, 2008

Coming, 2008


Who is afraid of Madame L, 205

Snow White, 2006

J with Glasses, 2007

Reading Girl, 2008

Leave Me in the Dark, 2008

Banned Book, 2006

Hans Christian Anderson in the Snow (After Albert Kuchler) 2005

Red/Little Navy

The Last Tempter, 2006

The Red Shoes, 2005

Venus, 2006


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