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Art Models and Renoir. Gabrielle Renard

Gabrielle à la rose 1910

When the Renoir's second son Jean was about to be born in 1894, the family hired Aline's cousin Gabrielle Renard (1878-1959) for helping around the house and as a nanny. She became an important member of the artist's family and his frequent model. Renoir created more than 200 portraits of Gabrielle. First she sat for (Gabrielle and Jean, 1895), then there were Gabrielle with a rose, with a necklace, reading, in red..
First she moved to Montmartre to live with the artist's family, then to a farm at Cagnes-sur-Mer near the Mediterranean coast. Suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis, Renoir kept painting with Gabrielle's help - she would place the paint brush between his crippled fingers.

La famille d`artiste 1896

Gabrielle was captivated with the motion picture invention and took Jean Renoir to see his first film when he was only a few years old. Later he became a well-known film maker.
Gabrielle Renard married to the American artist Conrad Hensler Slade in 1921 and moved with him to US during WWII. They had a son Jean (John) Slade. Jean Renoir also settled in Hollywood at that time and when Gabrielle's husband died, she moved moved to Beverly Hills to be closer to Jean Renoir, who, in his memoirs My Life and My Films, recounts the profound influence Gabrielle had upon his life.

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Gabrielle in a Red Blouse 1910

Gabrielle, Jean and a Girl, 1895

Gabrielle with a Rose 1911

Gabrielle Renard et Jean enfant 1895

Nude on a Couch 1915

Jean and Gabrielle

Gabrielle in an Open Blouse, 1907

Bather Drying her Right Arm 1912

Dancer with Castanets (Gabrielle Renard 1909)

Gabrielle with Bare Breasts 1907


Gabrielle In A Straw Hat


In the garden 1905


  1. I love the paintings he did of her with his children, full of love towards them from her. thanks for the post, Gina

  2. Do you know if Gabrielle Renard was ever painted by an artist other than Renoir?


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