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Austrian Painter Rudolf Wacker (1893 -1939)

The Austrian painter, Rudolf Wacker started his career as a graphic artist; in 1920, after spending 5 years in Russian captivity as a prisoner of war, he had lived in Berlin where he dedicated himself to Expressionism. In 1922, living in his home town Bregenz, Austria, he took a style change towards the New Objectivity. Rudolf Wacker was a founding member of the Artists' Association "The Circle." He was a close friend with other Swiss painter Adolf Dietrich, another member of the "The Circle."

The painter was openly opposed to the cultural policies of the Nazis. He suffered a heart attack after an interrogation by the Gestapo and died soon afterwards in his parents' house in Bregenz.

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  1. I pay absolute TOP dollar for Rudolf Wacker's paintings!

    Seattle, WA


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