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Contemporary Spanish Artist - Chelin Sanjuan

acrylic painting

Alex y sus juguetes
"...the art of Chelin Sanjuan stands out for its polished technique. Her drawing is clean, with steady and secure lines, while dynamic, showing a balanced and serene usage of color, mainly warm tones. She copes with easiness in the most realistic pictorial lines, but also in more imaginative and surrealist fields. Each painting is an unique world, magical, intimate, with hidden elements and transparent shapes that mix with softness.


The characters -women, children and animals, particularly cats- that appear in her paintings have an interesting close relationship between them, always showing a small point of humor. Figurative art, of sharp and polished shapes, but delicate in the topics and always lively in the contents, without doubt a very personal style, not influenced by gestural and pseudodecorative artistic trends. "A flower in the deserts", I thought the first time I saw her works." J. L Bonet chelinsanjuan.info


En La Playa


Café con palomas y Picasso

Sol para una luna de invierno

Naturaleza durmiente con pequeño mar nocturno

Gato buscando Venecia

El Almohadazo

El baño

La Avispa

Tarde de domingo

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