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German Landscape Painter Oswald Achenbach (1827-1905)

Oswald Achenbach. Country Road in the Campagna

Born in Düsseldorf, he received his art education from his brother, Andreas Achenbach. His landscapes generally dwell on the rich and glowing effects of color which drew him to the Bay of Naples and the neighborhood of Rome. He also painted in the Bavarian Alps and Switzerland. From 1863 to 1872, he was professor of landscape painting at the Düsseldorf School. His conception of nature was more ideal than that of his brother. He died in Düsseldorf of an inflammation of the lungs. He is represented at most of the important German galleries of modern art. (wikipedia)

Fireworks in Naples Oil Painting Oswald by Achenbach

Summer Landscape on the Banks of the Alban Lake Oswald Achenbach

View of Florence with the Cathedral 1883

Oswald Achenbach - Via Cassia in Rome, overlooking the Vatican (c.1874)

Park in Spring

Oswald Achenbach, Castel Gandolfo

Oswald Achenbach, Montefiascone

Oswald Achenbach, Summer Evening in the Bay of Naples

Piazza San Domenico Maggiore in Naple

View of Vesuvius with the Gulf of Pozzuoli

View of the Bay of Naples

View of Florence Oil Painting by Oswald Achenbach

Garden in a Monastery Oil Painting by Achenbach Oswald

Fireworks in Torre dell Annunziata, near Naples

Oswald Achenbach, S. Pietro in Vincoli, 1883

Le môle de Naples 1859

Oswald Achenbach Market in Naples


Fishermen on The Bay Of Naples And with Vesuvius Beyond

Achenbach Oswald A Mountainous Landscape

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