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Modern art - Chinese Painter Luis Chan (1905-1995)

Luis Chan, The Green Bridge, 1980

Born in Panama, Luis Chan moved with his family to Hong Kong in 1910. He appeared on the Hong Kong art scene in the 9130s and was an active member and major a figure in Hong Kong art circles until his retirement in 1980s, staging exhibitions of his paintings and publishing many books and articles on the modernist art in Hong Kong.
As a self-taught artist of Western-style painting, Luis Chan produced watercolors of the local scenery, but when the artist was 55, his artistic journey had a dramatic transformation in his painting style.

Chinese Painter Luis Chan, 1983

Chinese Painter Luis Chan, 1969

Luis Chan. The Heart of Ancient Mirrors

Luis Chan, Hong Kong Landscape

Luis Chan. Chinese Landscape

Chinese Painter Luis Chan

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