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Cafe Paintings (19th and 20th centuries)

Charles Hoffbauer, In the restaurant, 1907

Alexandre Auguste Hannotiau

Aleksandr Murashko, In a Cafe 1902

John Duncan Fergusson ( 1874-1961)

Pablo Picasso, Interior of Els Quatre Gats (The Four Cats), c.1900

Leon Joseph Voirin, La Terrasse du Cafe du Glacier, Place Stanislas a Nancy, 1882

Georges Fichefet,  Au Cafe Theatre

Aime Stevens, Au Cafe

Fernand Lungren, The Café 1882

Alfred Henry Maurer, In a Café, 1905

Kuzma Sergeevich Petrov-Vodkin, In a Cafe, 1907

 Emile Vernon, In the cafe

Jean Beraud, The Drinkers

Jean-Francois Raffaelli, Jeune femme au cafe 

Le Cafe by Georges Croegaert

Henri Gervex, Cafe Scene in Paris ,1877

 Walter Granville-Smith,  A cup of tea, 1904

Paul Cezanne, Card-players, 1890-92

Jean Beraud, La Lettre, 1908

Louis Anet Sabatier, Cafe Scene in Paris (1884)

Richard E. Miller, Nightcafe, 1906

Gotthardt Kuehl, Lovers in a Cafe

Gaston Paqueau, Parisiennes Au Café

 Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Luncheon of the boating party, 1881


  1. I truly love the Edwardian era cafe paintings, especially Charles Hoffbauer, Alexandre Auguste Hannotiau, Walter Granville-Smith, Jean Beraud and Gotthardt Kuehl. They don't depict large historical or religious themes, and are a bit ignored by art history courses.

    And thanks for the link to Edwardian Dining

  2. And the Walter Granville-Smith painting. Love it!

  3. This is an excellent collection of artwork. I will have to do some more research on most of these artists.

  4. Thank you so much for your work in collecting, its joy to discover each time you post .

  5. Thank you, dear friends, for your nice comments, I appreciated it dearly and I'm happy you liked the post.

  6. Lovely paintings, lovely athmosphere of these era! wish I lived then!for some time thou!


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