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Contemporary Art - Lorraine Christie

Lorraine Christie, born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is known for creating romantic love scenes in the streets and often in the rain, and now resides in in Roswell, Georgia. She is represented by Huff Harrington Fine Art Gallery.
 Lorraine Christie - 47 Minutes

 Lorraine Christie - Patience

 Lorraine Christie - And Still She Doesn't See

 Lorraine Christie - Sweet Surrender

 Lorraine Christie - Shelter of the Soul

 Lorraine Christie - Paris Remembered

 Lorraine Christie - Like Mountains That Moved Me

 Lorraine Christie - In the Pursuit of Happiness

 Lorraine Christie - He Knew A Lady Once

 Lorraine Christie - As If On Clouds

 Lorraine Christie - Have We Met?

Lorraine Christie - You, At Last

(the artist's site)

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  1. I love this art! The subtlety, the mystery, the romantic perfection of illusion.

  2. Is it possible to purchase a "Sweet Surrender" print/poster for my daughter/

    1. I am not sure about that one, you could check her site and allposters.com

  3. love all this artwork on your website, very good, I also love the rain, bravo Louie from new jersey.


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