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Paul Jacoulet (1902-1960) French Printmaker

The renowned printmaker Paul Jacoulet, born in France and raised in Japan, was dubbed the  “Frenchman of the woodblock print” by post war collectors. Known for a style that mixed the traditional ukiyo-e printmaking and lavish techniques developed by the artist himself, Jacoulet became famous after WWII. Queen Elizabeth II,Pope Pius XII,Greta Garbo were among his admirers and collectors.
His draftsmanship and technique were of very high quality, he worked only with the very best engravers and printers, sometimes using up to 60 different blocks for a single print.

Paul Jacoulet - series Chinese royal court

Paul Jacoulet Femme Tatouee de Falalap 1939

Paul Jacoulet Sandalwood Smoke 1948

Paul Jacoulet The Birds of Paradise1937-39

Paul Jacoulet The Yellow-Eyed Boys c1940-41

Paul Jacoulet Goldfish

Paul Jacoulet Amoureaux a Tarang, Yap, Ouest Carolines

La Gerbe D'Anthurium

Paul Jacoulet La Poetesse Indienne 1940

Paul Jacoulet Return from the Jungle c1947

Paul Jacoulet Rita Sablan-Diaz 1934

Paul Jacoulet, L’Étoile de Cobi 1951

Paul Jacoulet The Song of the Waves 1936-37
Paul Jacoulet Une Parisienne 1934

Paul Jacoulet Une Belle de Palaos
Paul Jacoulet The Mandarin with Glasses 1935-36

Paul Jacoulet The Jade Lady, Chinese, 1940

Paul Jacoulet The Butterflies c1939-40

Paul Jacoulet Man of Menado and Mangosteen 1934-35

Paul Jacoulet The Geisha Kiyoka woodblock print 1935-36

Paul Jacoulet Fleurs Violettes. Tomil, Yap

Paul Jacoulet Flowers of the Evening. Chuuk-Toloas 1941

Paul Jacoulet Jeu Princier. Mongol

Paul Jacoulet Une Jeune Fille de Fidji, Oceanie

Paul Jacoulet Tempest of the Heart c1940

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