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William Kay Blacklock (1872-1922) British Painter

William Kay Blacklock - Picnic on the Ouse

William Kay Blacklock - Sewing by the River

William Kay Blacklock - The Toilet
William Kay Blacklock - A Day at the River

William Kay Blacklock - A Picnic Party, 1917

William Kay Blacklock - Summer, 1918

Building castles in the sand

At the Window - A portrait of the artists wife Nellie, watercolor

Portrait of Mrs. Nellie Williams, the artist's wife

William Kay Blacklock - A Dutch Idyll

William Kay Blacklock - Bringing the firewood home

A Breezy Day at the Seaside

A Quiet Read c1900

A Seaside Holiday

Cleaning Fruits

Girl With A Thistle

Picking May Blossom


The Blue Kimono

The lesson

The Flower Picker

The Landing Place

The Picnic

William Kay Blacklock - The Letter

 William Kay Blacklock - The market square

 William Kay Blacklock

 William Kay Blacklock - Preparing for bed

 William Kay Blacklock - Sunlight and Shadow

 The Flower Seller 1912

 William Kay Blacklock - The Shepherdess

Fairy tales


  1. I really enjoy reading and watching the art on your blog for some time now! Thanks for posting the beautiful works of so many artists!


  2. Thank you, Kati, for the kindest comment, I sincerely appreciate it!



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