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British Figurative Painter Hamish Blakely

Hamish Blakely. Viva la Diva
A painting should speak for itself. As Fritz Lang, the great Austrian film maker and director of “Metropolis” stated, “When a director makes a film and it doesn’t express what he wants to say and he needs to give an interview to explain to an audience why and what; he is a lousy director.” I certainly don’t suggest an Artist be aloof or even this dogmatic, as I have enjoyed countless discussions with collectors that have left me with a vivid and refreshed perspective of my work, but it is a striking remark that applies to Art; a painting should grab the viewer without an essay or speech, leaving further explanation supplementary rather than vital. Where possible, my own thoughts should recede to allow space for the views of the audience.
Hamish Blakely's website where you'll find his new works and more.
Hamish Blakely. The Lady in White

Hamish Blakely. Debutante

Hamish Blakely. A Face in the Crowd

As If You Were There

Old Fashioned Girls


Heavenly Creatures

Between the Lines

King of Hearts

The Evening Beckons



Not a Soul in Sight


How Far We've Come


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