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Contemporary Japanese Artist Yasunari Ikenaga

He creates his art by dropping Japanese paints into the canvas that he calls "linen cloth", with a Menso brush.
{the artist's site}

Giuseppe Mentessi (1857-1931) Italian Painter

 Giuseppe Mentessi - Pace

 Giuseppe Mentessi - Gloria, 1901

 Giuseppe Mentessi - Lacrime
 Giuseppe Mentessi - Venezia, Sagrato della Basilica di San Marco


Hans Anderson Brendekilde (1857-1942) Danish Painter

 H. A. Brendekilde - Fishing village Abbednæs in South Sealand

 H. A. Brendekilde - Springtime. The first anemones.

 H. A. Brendekilde - Cutting Christmas trees in the forest

 Hans Anderson Brendekilde - A Wooded Path In Autumn

FARAGÓ GÉZA (1877-1928) Hungarian Artist

oil painting, graphics, poster art, art nouveau

The Hungarian artist and illustrator Geza Farago worked in Budapest as a cartoonist, theatrical costume designer and poster artist. He had been the Budapest Operetta Theatre designer for 15 years. In 1898, he went to Paris where he attended Colarossi evening courses also studying in Alfons Mucha workshop. The artist exhibited in the Paris Salon a few times. In 1902, Geza Farago returned to Budapest, later he worked in the artists' colony in Kecskemét. He regularly exhibited his paintings at the National Salon in Budapest. His artwork can be found in the Hungarian National Gallery.
Geza Farago Expectation by Moonlight

Geza Farago - Among flowers, 1911

Geza Farago. Portrait of a Woman, 1903

Geza Farago Slim - Woman with a Cat, 1913


Contemporary Russian Artist Alexander Kosnichev

Alexander Kosnichev is an internationally known realist / impressionist painter based in Moscow, Russia. Kosnichev’s paintings have been exhibited worldwide and can be found in private collections throughout USA, Europe, and Asia. (http://kosnichev.ru/en)
 On the Shore
Night in Paris
 Rostov Veliky

Ferdinand Max Bredt (1868-1921) German Painter

 Ferdinand Max Bredt - Schlafende Frau mit Buch (Sleeping Woman with a Book) c.1921

Ferdinand Max Bredt - Vorfrühling (Early Spring)

Ferdinand Max Bredt - The Visit
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