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FARAGÓ GÉZA (1877-1928) Hungarian Artist

oil painting, graphics, poster art, art nouveau

The Hungarian artist and illustrator Geza Farago worked in Budapest as a cartoonist, theatrical costume designer and poster artist. He had been the Budapest Operetta Theatre designer for 15 years. In 1898, he went to Paris where he attended Colarossi evening courses also studying in Alfons Mucha workshop. The artist exhibited in the Paris Salon a few times. In 1902, Geza Farago returned to Budapest, later he worked in the artists' colony in Kecskemét. He regularly exhibited his paintings at the National Salon in Budapest. His artwork can be found in the Hungarian National Gallery.
Geza Farago Expectation by Moonlight

Geza Farago - Among flowers, 1911

Geza Farago. Portrait of a Woman, 1903

Geza Farago Slim - Woman with a Cat, 1913

Geza Farago. Poster for Tungsram Light Bulbs, 1910

Geza Farago. The Symbolist, 1908

Geza Farago. Poster for the Holzer Fashion Store ,1902

Reception, 1910s

Géza Faragó - Hungría, 1917 (Tobacco/Cigarette Ads)

Paradise Lost, 1903

Mephisto and Gretchen, 1910s

c. 1910

Geza Farago - The End of the War, 1918

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  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures! I love Mucha but this was a new name to me. Thank you for that! :)

  2. It's nice that you stopped by my blog. As an art historian student I get much from your blog. :)

    Great week for you too!

  3. Thank you so much for your generous words!

  4. Super-gorgeous post..so enchanting ..such poetic and deeply beautiful art!

  5. I like most of his work, but the 1917 tobacco/cigarette ad seems anti-Semitic.

  6. He was not anti-semite (he came from a Jewish family).


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