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Hans Anderson Brendekilde (1857-1942) Danish Painter

 H. A. Brendekilde - Fishing village Abbednæs in South Sealand

 H. A. Brendekilde - Springtime. The first anemones.

 H. A. Brendekilde - Cutting Christmas trees in the forest

 Hans Anderson Brendekilde - A Wooded Path In Autumn

 The Cottage Garden

 Visiting Grandmother

H. A. Brendekilde - An old couple

 Two little girls in a flowering garden

 Borghese Park in Rome 1922

 H. A. Brendekilde - A peasant woman on a snowy path.

 A Woodland Landscape, 1900

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  1. Where do you find these artists?
    Beautiful moments. I wish I could paint like that...

  2. Beautiful! Love the Autumn landschape and the details of the landscapes and little houses.

  3. hietzu)): just surfing the web..
    David Page Coffin)): I'm happy you liked the artist.
    Kati)): I also love the autumn landscapes.
    Thank you for the lovely comments!!

  4. The famous Alma-Tadema loves to paint flowers and leaves and spent hours and hours to perfect them. And this same passion is visible in all of Brendesklide paintings. Great artist. Thank you!


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