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Alexandru Poitevin Scheletti (1879-1959) Romanian Artist

 Alexandru Poitevin Scheletti. Taking the Hay, 1924
 Alexandru Poitevin Scheletti. Fish Market in Treport

Alexandru Poitevin Scheletti. Peasant with Basket of Flowers


Alfred Courmes (1898 -1993) French Painter

Alfred Courmes, La Marchande de Fruits, 1927

Alfred Courmes Portrait de Mlle Courmes, 1921

Alfred Courmes, On the Balcony

Alfred Courmes, Portrait of Peggy Guggenheim, 1926

Alfred Courmes - Portrait de Nicole Wagner, 1926

Alfred Courmes, Ostende, Lendemain de Carnaval, 1929


Russian Painter Mikhail Anikeev (b.1925) - Soviet Era Art


German Painter Eduard Gaertner (1801-1877)

German painter Eduard Gaertner was one of the leading painters of Berlin cityscapes of the 19th century. He started his training in 1814 when he entered the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur (Royal Porcelain Factory) in Berlin as an apprentice. In 1822 he joined the workshop of Carl Gropius, a famous theatre set designer, who helped him to get his first job - the artist painted some rooms in royal palaces for Friedrich Wilhelm III King of Prussia.

 Eduard Gaertner - A View of the Opera and Unter den Linden, Berlin, 1845
In 1825-1828 Eduard Gaertner traveled to Paris to continue his artistic studying.
During the 1830s Gaertner was largely devoted to painting views of Berlin. He also traveled frequently to Moscow and St. Petersburg, where the artist produced some pictoresque city views in watercolor and oil.
By 1870, Eduard Gaertner retired to Zechlin, north of Berlin, where he died in 1877.

 Eduard Gaertner - The Family of Mr. Westfal in the Conservatory 1836
 Bellevue Palace in Berlin from the garden side by Eduard Gaertner, 1847
 Unter den Linden, Berlin, detail, 1853
 Eduard Gaertner -  Berlin, Unter den Linden, 1852

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