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Georg Flegel (1566 -1638) German Still Life Painter

Born in Moravia, Georg Flegel settled in Vienna by 1580 where he was an assistant to the painter Lucas van Valckenborch I. Later they both moved to Frankfurt drawn by the local prosperity resulting from Frankfurt's biennial fairs that brought to the city rich foreign merchants, luxury goods and art collectors. Frankfurt was then an important art-dealing city. As an assistant Flegel supplied his employer's paintings with still lifes of fruit, flowers, and table utensils. After Lucas van Valckenborch's death in 1597, Flegel took over his workshop. His two sons were his students at different time.



Arthur G. Rider (1885-1975) American Painter

Calabasas Valley

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Carta Marina by Olaus Magnus (16th c)

The ancient Carta Marina of the north-east Atlantic was published in 1539. It almost perfectly represents the ocean currents and eddies that swirl today. Its creator, Olaus Magnus (1490–1557), an exiled Swedish priest living in Italy, probably gleaned his information from traders and mariners who sailed the North Atlantic. The map is physically huge, it's made up of 9 wood lithograph prints and gives the first reasonably accurate description of all of northern Two copies of this map exist today and one of these can be seen at the library at the University of Uppsala, Sweden.Only two earlier maps of Scandinavia are known, The maps of Jacob Ziegler and Claudius Clavus are the only two known earlier maps of Scandinavia.


Joseph Zbukvic, Watercolors

The artist's passion for watercolours has led him to become a unique master of the medium. Greatly admired for his soft moody impressions of rural life, he also creates beautiful urban scenes and equestrian images. (the artist's site)


Emma Ciardi (1879-1933) Italian Impressionist Painter

Italian Impressionist painter Emma Ciardi was the daughter of the Italian artist Guglielmo Ciardi. She started painting as a child and exhibited for the first time in 1900 at the Exposition Universelle in Paris. Starting 1903 Emma Ciardi participated in the Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte di Venezia almost every year. She was known for her neo-18th-century subjects which were well received by the English and American public.


Jose Escofet ~ Still Life

Jose Escofet Born in the Catalan province of Barcelona in 1930, Jose Escafet received a traditional training. He moved to England in 1979 and became increasingly preoccupied with flower painting. Having explored many techniques and media he has turned to gouche and evolved a style which has become quite irresistible to enthusiasts of his work. (joseescofet.com)


Oil Painting ~ Contemporary American Artist Michael Gregory

Born in Los Angeles in 1955, Michael Gregory received a B.F.A. from the San Francisco Art Institute.
(oil painting on panel and on canvas)

Alfredo Roldan Spanish Artist

Alfredo Roldan was born in Madrid in 1965. At the age of 22, having had no formal artistic training, he started drawing professionally, selling his work in street markets, at the same time presenting his work at major competitions, of which he won several. It was on winning the award granted by the City Council of Madrid in 1994 that he was discovered by a major gallery. His winning painting now hangs in the Museum of Modern Art, Madrid. In 1996 he was named a Member of the Senate "Honoris Causa" of the Academy of Modern Art of Rome.

Jan ten Compe (1713-1761) Dutch Landscape Painter

Jan ten Compe found his calling in painting views of major Dutch towns. His paintings are so precise that they are of special interest to historians because of their topographic and architectural accuracy. He rendered buildings in minute detail, adding daily activities to enliven the scene. All the details of life in the city square are remarkable.


Russian Artist Konstantin Bessmertny

Born in 1964, Konstantin Bessmertny studied at the Fine Arts school in Russia. He lives and works in Macao now.


Provence Landscape Painting by Gabriel Deschamps French Artist

Born in 1919, Gabriel Deschamps studied in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. He was a member of the Paris Autumn Salon and a State Art Professor. He painted mostly landscape of Provence where he had a house.


Franz von Alt (1821-1914) Austrian Artist and Watercolorist

Born in Vienna, Franz von Alt was one of eight children of the painter Jakob Alt. As his older brother Rudolf von Alt , who later became famous landscape and architectural painter, Frantz took his father's profession. The brothers accompanied their father on trips and learned the first technical basics of watercolor painting. Franz Alt continued his training at the Vienna Academy. In 1844, Franz Alt started registering his artworks and by September 1906, there were 2700 works by the artist. Accompanied by friends and patrons, Franz Alt traveled all over Europe, the Netherlands and Russia. His style is very similar of that of his brother, Rudolf. His watercolors became property of the imperial houses in Vienna, London, St.Petersburg and now belong to permanent collections of famous museums.

Der alte und der neue Burgplatz in Wien mit dem Projekt des Kaiserforums, 1873, Aquarell


Kareena Zerefos

Born in Sidney, Kareena Zerefos is a London based artist and designer. Kareena’s work often combines traditional drawing with contemporary graphic techniques. She creates whimsical illustrative work with a sense of isolation and bittersweet nostalgia. (the artist's blog)


Malcolm Liepke, American Painter

William Charles Penn (1877–1968) British Painter

"William Charles Penn came to Liverpool early in the twentieth century and taught at Liverpool School of Art until the 1950s, influencing a huge number of students and painters.He became Merseyside's leading painter, staying for family reasons when it was widely considered that he could have achieved a national reputation had he moved to London." (bbc.co.uk)

 Portrait of a girl, 1921
Portrait of a Girl from the Liverpool Blue Coat School, 1953


Joanna Braithwaite

“The world of Joanna Braithwaite’s painting is part menagerie, part bestiary, and part human zoo. In her richly brushed canvases, the laws of nature are calmly bent and wonderful hybrids emerge … Across a two-decade career, Braithwaite has given shape to an ever-growing population of uncanny creatures – a population, she never lets us forget, that includes the human viewers who encounter the paintings.” (Justin Paton, Wonderland: Joanna Braithwaite, Christchurch Art Gallery & Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 2005)

Born in England, Braithwaite grew up in New Zealand and moved to live in Sydney in 1999. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Canterbury, School of Fine Arts in New Zealand and a Master of Fine Art from the College of Fine Arts in Sydney. She has had numerous solo exhibitions since 1984.


Ferdinand Heilbuth (1826-1889) French Painter

Born in Hamburg, Ferdinand Heilbuth became a naturalized French in 1876. He was already a well known painter in Paris by then.
Ferdinand Heilbuth had his own studio in the Rue de la Rochefoucauld in Paris. He exhibited several times at the Royal Academy in London and the Grosvenor Gallery as well as the Athenaeum in Boston in 1863, he was appointed Chevalier of the Legion of Honor in 1861 and officer of the same order in 1881.
He also had lived in Rome for a while where the major subject of his paintings were the cardinals. He was even called the 'peintre des Cardinaux' (painter of cardinals).
In his letter to a friend Vincent Van Gogh expressed his admiration for the artist's talent.
 Ferdinand Heilbuth, Woman on a river bank
 Ferdinand Heilbuth. Summer Days at Giverny
 Boating on the Seine by Ferdinand Heilbuth


Contemporary Ukrainian Artist Yuri Klapoukh

Contemporary art - Peter McArdle, English painter

"I always paint with oil on canvas, which I prime and sand several times with gesso for a smooth surface. I sketch out in pencil and use a 000 (cat's whisker) sable brush to refine and define the sketch. Then I underpaint with burnt umber and glaze on top of that several weeks later - up to seventeen glazes. Paintings take six to nine months as an average. Usually a painting changes drastically in the last three or four months. At the final stage I reject around a third of the paintings." (stuckism.com)
In 2003 he founded The Gateshead Stuckists group as "a response to the Baltic's nihilism", and was exhibited at the Stuckism International Gallery. (wikipedia)

Cha Cha Cha
Enrobing the Bride

Playing at being a Princess

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