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Dutch Painter Lambert Sustris (c.1515-1520-c.1584)

Lambert Sustris was born in Amsterdam. The painter was active mainly in Italy. He had a distinctive northern Italian mannerist style that was the result of influences coming from Francesco Salvati and Titian.
Lambert Sustris - Venus and Cupid, Louvre, 1554

The painter had a son Friedrich Sustris, also a painter, who was likely born in Padua sometime close to 1540s and who was characterized throughout his life as a Netherlander, although he was born and trained in Italy and it is unlikely that he ever even visited the Netherlands.
Lambert Sustris - Judith with the head of Holofernes

The migration of Dutch and Flemish artists to Italy began in the early 16th century as a trip to Rome and Florence was considered to be an indispensable part of the education of the artist. Economic and political reasons often kept foreign artists in Italy and by mid-century, lucrative commissions at the courts of Francesco d'Medici (1541-1587) and his brother Ferdinando (1549-1609) created a permanent community of foreign and local artists employed in major projects at the Palazzo Vecchio under the direction of Francesco's artistic director, Giorgio Vasari. Northern artists were instrumental in creating the sort of international mannerist style that Florence became known for in the second half of the 16th century. (The Court Art of Friedrich Sustris: Patronage in Late Renaissance Bavaria by Susan Maxwell).
 Lambert Sustris - Liggende Venus, 1550
 Lambert Sustris - Noli me tangere
 Lambert Sustris - Trionfo della fama

 'The Education of Cupid', attributed to Lambert Sustris, c.1540, El Paso Museum of Art
 Venus, c.1550
 Lambert Sustris - Judith, between 1548 and 1551
 Lambert Sustris - Venere che benda Amore
Venus and Cupid
Attributed to Lambert Sustris - Maria mit ihren Gerfährtinnen in der Webstube

 Lambert Sustris - Jupiter and Io,between 1557 and 1563
 Lambert Sustris - The Baptism of the Ethiopian Eunuch by the Deacon Philip
 Lambert Sustris - Kardinal Otto Truchsess von Waldburg-Trauchburg (1514–1573)
 Lambert Sustris - Landscape with classical ruins and bathing women
Lambert Sustris - Venus and Cupid, Louvre, 1554

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