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Robert McGinnis, American artist and illustrator

The member of the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame Robert McGinnis was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1926. He studied fine art at Ohio State University.
McGinnis apprenticed at Walt Disney Studios for some time.
In 1958, he started working for Dell Publishing drawing paperback covers for books.
McGinnis created illustrations of over 1200 paperback book covers, over 40 movie posters including a few James Bond films. "Breakfast at Tiffany's" was his first film poster assignment.
McGinnis's attention to detail was such that when he was assigned to do the artwork for Arabesque he requested Sophia Loren's tiger stripe dress be sent for him for a model to wear so he could get the right appearance. (wikipedia.org)

"His lines were clean and sensual, his anatomical details lifelike.
It was the use of colour that sets him apart from other. The little details and the bright and breezy compositions were remarkable. His ability to illustrate and punctuate the drawing with highly coloured accessories is second to none. The atmosphere is always erotic and electric but never lewd.It is no wonder that Robert McGinnis has been one of the most sought after artists during the heyday of paperback and Magazine illustrators."

"The Paperback era was an era where pulp writers churned them out at a rate one novel a month, they were cheap and cheerful. They got paid by the word. The quality varied enormously but the conveyor belt of production meant very little promotion or advertising. The product had to speak for itself.
Hanging in the drug store racks, the covers were the only enticing factor. Maybe the word of mouth about the author. People also liked to read the series identity. McGinnis contributed enormously to these." (docmo.hubpages.com)


  1. When I see artwork like this, I wonder why the "art world" has such disdain for illustrators. The anatomy and flesh of the women he painted were and are as good as anything coming out of classicly trained artists - now or in the past. All of a sudden, however, their tune has changed. As they look for "new" things to be the next hit, record prices are finally being paid for these beautifully executed works.

    1. GinaAgrav, thank you for your comment.
      I agree with every word you said.

  2. Estou muito impressionada com tanta habilidade e inspiração! vale conferir a grandeza da obra de arte que é.Parabéns pelas postagens.


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