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Contemporary art - Peter McArdle, English painter

"I always paint with oil on canvas, which I prime and sand several times with gesso for a smooth surface. I sketch out in pencil and use a 000 (cat's whisker) sable brush to refine and define the sketch. Then I underpaint with burnt umber and glaze on top of that several weeks later - up to seventeen glazes. Paintings take six to nine months as an average. Usually a painting changes drastically in the last three or four months. At the final stage I reject around a third of the paintings." (stuckism.com)
In 2003 he founded The Gateshead Stuckists group as "a response to the Baltic's nihilism", and was exhibited at the Stuckism International Gallery. (wikipedia)

Cha Cha Cha
Enrobing the Bride

Playing at being a Princess

Artist and Model (Richter revised)

A Small Crowd Gathered
Silence Between
The Collector
The Kiss
The Reception
Excluded References
Revised by Time

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