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Ferdinand Heilbuth (1826-1889) French Painter

Born in Hamburg, Ferdinand Heilbuth became a naturalized French in 1876. He was already a well known painter in Paris by then.
Ferdinand Heilbuth had his own studio in the Rue de la Rochefoucauld in Paris. He exhibited several times at the Royal Academy in London and the Grosvenor Gallery as well as the Athenaeum in Boston in 1863, he was appointed Chevalier of the Legion of Honor in 1861 and officer of the same order in 1881.
He also had lived in Rome for a while where the major subject of his paintings were the cardinals. He was even called the 'peintre des Cardinaux' (painter of cardinals).
In his letter to a friend Vincent Van Gogh expressed his admiration for the artist's talent.
 Ferdinand Heilbuth, Woman on a river bank
 Ferdinand Heilbuth. Summer Days at Giverny
 Boating on the Seine by Ferdinand Heilbuth

 Le Départ Pour La Promenade

 The boat trip, gouache c. 1889
 Ferdinand Heilbuth, Femme au chien
 Ferdinand Heilbuth, The Music Lesson
 Ferdinand Heilbuth, The Reader

 On the Marne
 Ferdinand Heilbuth, Faraway Thoughts
 Ferdinand Heilbuth, In the Garden
 The Nap
 The Intermission

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  1. Some nice photos. And you wrote an excellent article. I agree with you. Keep it up

  2. Very nice photos of the paintings...really an excellent post of yours...while looking at the photos I just remembered my old school days..these sort of beautiful paintings were there in our story books..


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