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Franz von Alt (1821-1914) Austrian Artist and Watercolorist

Born in Vienna, Franz von Alt was one of eight children of the painter Jakob Alt. As his older brother Rudolf von Alt , who later became famous landscape and architectural painter, Frantz took his father's profession. The brothers accompanied their father on trips and learned the first technical basics of watercolor painting. Franz Alt continued his training at the Vienna Academy. In 1844, Franz Alt started registering his artworks and by September 1906, there were 2700 works by the artist. Accompanied by friends and patrons, Franz Alt traveled all over Europe, the Netherlands and Russia. His style is very similar of that of his brother, Rudolf. His watercolors became property of the imperial houses in Vienna, London, St.Petersburg and now belong to permanent collections of famous museums.

Der alte und der neue Burgplatz in Wien mit dem Projekt des Kaiserforums, 1873, Aquarell

Biedermeier Interior 1846

(text: austria-lexikon.at, images: wikipedia)

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