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Joanna Braithwaite

“The world of Joanna Braithwaite’s painting is part menagerie, part bestiary, and part human zoo. In her richly brushed canvases, the laws of nature are calmly bent and wonderful hybrids emerge … Across a two-decade career, Braithwaite has given shape to an ever-growing population of uncanny creatures – a population, she never lets us forget, that includes the human viewers who encounter the paintings.” (Justin Paton, Wonderland: Joanna Braithwaite, Christchurch Art Gallery & Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 2005)

Born in England, Braithwaite grew up in New Zealand and moved to live in Sydney in 1999. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Canterbury, School of Fine Arts in New Zealand and a Master of Fine Art from the College of Fine Arts in Sydney. She has had numerous solo exhibitions since 1984.

(milford galleries auckland)
(darren knight gallery)

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  1. thanks for sharing these lovely pieces.

  2. I did something I don't normally do when looking at art, I laughed, thank you :)

    1. i have to add titles to some of the paintings. whimsical.
      thank you.


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