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William Charles Penn (1877–1968) British Painter

"William Charles Penn came to Liverpool early in the twentieth century and taught at Liverpool School of Art until the 1950s, influencing a huge number of students and painters.He became Merseyside's leading painter, staying for family reasons when it was widely considered that he could have achieved a national reputation had he moved to London." (bbc.co.uk)

 Portrait of a girl, 1921
Portrait of a Girl from the Liverpool Blue Coat School, 1953

Mrs Graham White

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  1. I am a descendant of William C Penn, but never had the good fortune to meet him, even though I was born in 1947 and he was alive until 1968. I have been looking to find his paintings that are for sale, but don't know where to look. I have been very impressed with what I have seen of his work on this site, and only wish I had his talent.


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