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Sir Gerald Festus Kelly (1879-1972) British Portrait Painter

Born in London, Sir Gerald Festus Kelly was mostly known for his beautiful portraits. His wife Lilian Ryan was the model for one of his celebrated series of portraits titled Jane. Kelly painted his friend Somerset Maugham 18 times. In his turn Maugham portrayed Kelly in his works. Kelly, knighted in 1945, was a favorite artist of the Royal Family.

Edith Teresa Hulton, Lady Berwick 1923

Mrs Fleischmann and Her Daughter Rosemary 1909

Miss J
Marie Charlotte Carmichael Stopes 1953

The Countess of Lisburne

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother 1938

Les Halles Centrales, Paris 1907

The Ilex Tree

Mrs Harrison,1910

Portrait Of Jane With A White Shawl

Saw Ohn Nyun

Saw Ohn Nyun IV


Christmas Eve at Mandalay-Moat V

Portrait of Jane
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  1. Wonderful portraits! not seen much but excellent in the sense of quality,standard and aesthetic.
    Thanks a lot for posting. Please keep publishing more......


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