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Terence Clarke Contemporary Artist from the UK

Red Table Black Vase

The artist's statement: "Ever since leaving the Royal College of Art my work has been concerned with colour. The influences on my approach are obvious and include early Matisse and Scottish painting. I try to balance what I observe with an intense expression of light and colour. The difficulty is in maintaining this sensitivity to the real facts before me whilst liberating the colour in a poetic or creative way. This interplay of drawing and painterliness is the essence of my work. The development of the colour is a complex but instinctive process which requires constant adjustment and re working. I often find that the success of a painting is down to just a few small touches of colour right at the end of the period of work. No colour is of itself colourful. It depends always on its relationship with ALL the other colours on the canvas. Given the right juxtaposition even a grey can intensify the effects of strong colour. I am also very concerned with paint quality."

"For me a painted mark has to have a certain spontaneous feel. I work fairly quickly so that I am having to take some risks with the paint. The best bits in most paintings are where the artists have lost themselves in the process and the image feels that it occurred almost without effort. You see this kind of thing in late Rembrandt and of course in Cezanne, perhaps the greatest of all colourists. So sometimes accuracy to the bare facts has to be abandoned in favour of the right mark or the right colour in hopefully the right place. In the end I want you to experience the world in my paintings but in a refreshed way. I hope by means of light and colour, I help you enjoy the visual world as a new experience and maybe make you look at it again in a new way." (the artist's site terenceclarke.co.uk)


Ann Marshall Artwork

The artist Ann Marshall grew up in Atlanta, GA, and earned her BFA from School of Visual Arts in New York. She has worked in a gallery, illustrated an award winning children’s book on the Holocaust, and traveled nationally and internationally as an ethnographer and consumer anthropologist . Her fine art work has been exhibited in New York City’s Gallery at Lincoln Center. She now works as a portrait, fine artist, and illustrator.
I Used To Be A Southern Belle, 2011, Pastel and paper collage on paper

Beige, 2010, Oil and paper collage on canvas


Terashima Shimei (Japanese, 1892-1975)

Terashima Shimei started studying drawing when he was a boy in a small town located between Kobe and Osaka. At the age of 21 he became a student of Kaburagi Kiyokata. He exhibited at all major national exhibitions. The artist also worked as an illustrator and later became an art critic. He received numerous prestigious awards from the Ministry of Education and the Japan Art Academy.
Terashima Shimei, 'Winter' 1941

Georges Sabbagh (1877–1951) Egyptian-French artist

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Georges Hanna Sabbagh later studied art in Paris, and was a pupil of Maurice Denis, Félix Vallotton Paul Sérusier. He could be linked to the artists of Ecole de Paris but he always refused to be considered one of them. Influenced by Les Nabis, Fauvism and Cubism, the artist developed his own style.


Annabelle Shelton

Amazing artist from the UK.
The Beaches Series "These works are produced in watercolour on sprayed white aluminium. These works are ongoing and are represented by the Rarity Gallery in Greece. Fascinated by the paraphernalia that accompanies people on their excursions to the popular beach location I am able to survey the collective modern condition of tourism and day trippers. These works negate the obvious signs of the beach, the sea, the sky and the sand and concentrates on the accumulation of materials and merchandise surrounding the participating beach goer leaving them on a white background." (annabelleshelton.com)


Jan Altink (1885-1971) Dutch expressionist painter

Jan Altink studied at Minerva Academy of Art in Groningen. He was one of the founders of the De Ploeg artists’ association. Known mostly as a landscape painter Altink also produced portraits and still lifes. The expressive use of complementary colours such as purple and green contributes greatly to the originality of his visual language. This visual language was strongly influenced in the twenties by the expressionism that Jan Wiegers brought to Groningen after his meeting with E.L. Kirchner in Davos, Switzerland. In around 1927, a change occurred in Altink’s artistic approach; he developed a painting style that gave a more lyrical-impressionistic representation of the Groningen countryside. In addition to his autonomous work, Altink also produced advertising designs, for Vroom & Dreesman among others. (museumpublicity.com)

Gertrude Fiske (1878-1961) American Impressionist Painter

Gertrude Fiske studied under Edmund C. Tarbell, Frank Benson, and Philip Hale at the Boston Museum School. She traveled abroad but preferred living and working in New England. She earned a reputation of a leading woman painter in Boston and won over eighteen prestigious awards. In 1930 Gertrude Fiske achieved full Academician status. (more about the artist here vosegalleries.com)

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