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Jan Altink (1885-1971) Dutch expressionist painter

Jan Altink studied at Minerva Academy of Art in Groningen. He was one of the founders of the De Ploeg artists’ association. Known mostly as a landscape painter Altink also produced portraits and still lifes. The expressive use of complementary colours such as purple and green contributes greatly to the originality of his visual language. This visual language was strongly influenced in the twenties by the expressionism that Jan Wiegers brought to Groningen after his meeting with E.L. Kirchner in Davos, Switzerland. In around 1927, a change occurred in Altink’s artistic approach; he developed a painting style that gave a more lyrical-impressionistic representation of the Groningen countryside. In addition to his autonomous work, Altink also produced advertising designs, for Vroom & Dreesman among others. (museumpublicity.com)

(images via flickr, museumpublicity, hooiberg)

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