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Annabelle Shelton

Amazing artist from the UK.
The Beaches Series "These works are produced in watercolour on sprayed white aluminium. These works are ongoing and are represented by the Rarity Gallery in Greece. Fascinated by the paraphernalia that accompanies people on their excursions to the popular beach location I am able to survey the collective modern condition of tourism and day trippers. These works negate the obvious signs of the beach, the sea, the sky and the sand and concentrates on the accumulation of materials and merchandise surrounding the participating beach goer leaving them on a white background." (annabelleshelton.com)

THE PICCADILLY SERIES Annabelle: "Piccadilly Circus in the early part of 2006 from a Burger King window I observed the passing people." Drawn to the changing of the lights and the pools of activity of people connected to the road system, I was able to photograph in a sequential order a typical flow of human activity crossing the roads under the instruction of changing lights. Crowds took on clusters, semi circles, lines and groupings - an arrangement that was dictated by a sophisticated system of crowd and road control. These works were translated from the photographic form and further reproduced in graphite on a white sprayed background on aluminium 125cm x 86cm. They are part of a series of 20 drawings/paintings." (annabelleshelton.com)

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