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Amazing Artist David Graeme Baker

The artist was born in South Africa in 1968. He graduated from Wesleyan University and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and moved to Maine. "He lives in Hancock, Maine in a big old farmhouse that always needs painting (ironic, isn’t it?) with his wife Sarah, two impish sons named Finnegan and Corin, and a chocolate lab who’d do anything for a tummy rub. He’s found that the most effective ways to procrastinate are making espressos and following European football." (davidgbakerpainting.com)

 Cradle, 2010

 R.T.'s Paper Crown 2007

 Coastline, 2011

 Robin & Linus, 2008

 Summer Selkies, 2011

Caretaker, 2010

Heliocentrism, 2012

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1 comment:

  1. Truly amazing paintings! These are so well done, and so emotional, it’s hard not to love them.


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