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Josef Kriehuber (Austrian, 1800-1876), Lithographer and Painter

Josef Kriehuber was a distinguished portrait painter and lithographer of Biedermeier Vienna. He produced more than 3000 lithographs portraying nobility, famous people and government officials.

 Countess Eugenie Franziska Rosalia Schönborn-Buchheim (1801-1880)

Antoinette Sophie Luise Schröder (1781 - 1868), a German singer and actress

Countess Anne Marie Stadion (1820-1870)

Count Philipp Franz Schönborn-Buchheim (1793-1843), Lieutenant Colonel, Chamberlain, Commander of the Teutonic Order

Ernestine Schönborn-Buchheim (1800-1862), née Countess Khuenburg

Countess Charlotte Sophie Eugenie Franziska Schönborn-Buchheim (1796-1864)

Countess Maria Anna Sophie Schönborn-Buchheim (1794-1843)

Carl Fruhwirth (1810-1878), a Viennese painter

Unknown sitter
source: zvab

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  1. It's gorgeous...........all this beautiful paintings really brighten up my gloomy day ( it's raining here). I have in mind the Louvre to visit and since I already bought my ticket of flysky.ro I guess that settles it :)


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