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Lucas van Valckenborch (1535-1597) Flemish Renaissance painter

Van Valckenborch was born in Leuven about 16 miles of Brussels, he was enrolled in the Guild of St Luke in Mechelen in 1560 and four years later was quite a master. His wife, whose name is unknown, bore him a son, Martin, who later chose the profession of his father. In 1566 he fled Mechelen as he was a supporter of the Reformation and settled in Liege for a year and then went to Aachen. Once it was safe to return to the Netherlands van Valckenborch came to Antwerp around 1570. Matthias, Holy Roman Emperor, was his patron, and travelled with him down the Danube as far as Linz where van Valckenborch stayed as a court painter until 1593 when the artist left for Frankfurt am Main. He was buried there in St. Peter's Cemetery in 1597.
Winter 1595
Spring 1587

September 1585

A Meat and Fish Market (Winter) ca 1595

Duchess Sibylle of Jülich-Cleves-Berg

Matthias of Austria

Kaiserlicher Waldspaziergang mit dem Neugebäude

View of Antwerp with the Frozen Schelde, 1590

Georg Flegel, Lucas van Valckenborch
Landscape in Summer, 1585

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