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Joaquim Sunyer (1874–1956) Spanish artist

Joaquim Sunyer started his artistic training with his uncle, also a reknown painter Joaquim Mir. In Barcelona, where he settled later, Joaquim Sunyer also studied with Isidro Nonell and Joaquín Torres García. In 1896 Joaquim Sunyer moved to Paris where he was influenced by Picasso, Manolo Hugué, Modigliani and worked extensively in the neo-impressionist style. In 1911 he returned to Spain and he settled in Sitges, his hometown. From this moment there was a remarkable change in his painting, he became one of the exponent of Catalan Noucentisme movement.
Maria Dolores, 1916

Retrato de Montserrat Gomis, 1921

Sisters Ribas

Thomas Bossard Fantastic Artist (France)

witty, humorous, a delight!

Niccolo dell'Abbate (Italian, 1509/1512 – 1571) Mannerist Painter, School of Fontainebleau

Born in the Italian city of Modena, Niccolo dell Abbate began his apprenticeship in the studio of sculptor Antonio Begarelli. His early influences were the painters of the School of Ferrara Garofalo and Dosso Dossi. The old Italian palazzos still have the examples of his work in fresco such as Palazzo dei Beccherie , the Rocca of Scandiano , owned by the Boiardo counts (Concert), the ducal palace at Sassuolo near Modena.
Later his style was influenced by the great masters of the period Correggio and Parmigianino. In 1552, Niccolo moved to France at the behest of Henri II who like his father Francis I developed a taste for the Italian art. There he worked at the Palace of Fontainebleau as a member of the decorating team led by Francesco Primaticcio. The artist moved to France with his family and his sons became his apprentices.
In 1571 Niccolo dell'Abbate worked also on the triumphal entry to Paris of Charles IX and his bride Elizabeth of Austria. The artist created decorations for a few private Parisian hotels.

Portrait of a young men wearing a plumed hat, a yellow doublet with slashed sleeves, lace cuffs and collar, resting his right hand on a plumed helmet


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