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Karl Albert Buehr (1866–1952) American Impressionist Painter

Born in Germany, Buehr moved to Chicago with his family in the 1880s. Young Karl worked as a night watchman at the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied later and taught for many years. Married to his student Mary Hess, Buehr moved with his family to France in 1905 with the help of a wealthy patron.
The Flower Girl

He started spending summers in Giverny after 1909. "...he is already as devoted to the little village as its older inhabitants. Of late years he has sought inspiration in southern Italy, but Giverny has already begun to exercise its fascinating spell over his work. Mr. Buehr is a man of rare feeling and perseption. His beautiful canvases plainly show him to be quite as much the poet and the dreamer as the painter. Especially, too, mention should be made of the work of his wife, Mary Hess Buehr, whose charming miniatures are so well known". (World Today, Volume 20, January 1911).

In Giverny Buehr met other renowned expatriate American Impressionist artists such as Frederick Frieseke and Richard Miller. Buehr probably met Monet there as his daughter and Monet's granddaughter were playmates, according to the painter's son.
 Under The Parasol

 Redheaded Girl with Parasol

 In Repose

 News from Home



 Young Girl In a Boat

 Young Woman with Parasol

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