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Olga Sacharoff (1889-1967, Spanish)

Olga Nicolaevna Sacharoff was born in Georgia, which was a part of Russian Empire at the time. She studied at the School of Fine Art in Tbilisi, later she moved to Munich where she met her future husband, photographer and painter Otto Lloyd. In 1911, Olga Sacharoff moved to Paris, she was influenced by Paul Cézanne and later by cubism movement. In 1916, Sacharoff settled in Barcelona where she mostly lived.

Cheuk Hiu Kwong, Chinese Artist

Marie Desbons, Children's Books Illustrations (France)

Fikret Moualla (1903-1967) Turkish Artist

Fikret Moualla(Mualla)Saygı was an avant-garde painter of Turkish descent. His work was influenced by Expressionism and Fauvism, with subject matter focusing on Paris street life, social gatherings such as cafés and circuses. In 1939 he settled in Paris.

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