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Hugo von Habermann (1849-1929) German Painter

Hugo von Habermann was born into a noble family and attended prestigious schools in Munich where his family settled in 1858. He started studying law but gave it up in order to take art classes. In 1879 Habermann opened his own studio. In the 1900s he discovered the Spanish painter El Greco, which had an immediate and obvious effect on his style. (wikipedia)
Portrait of a young lady, 1889

This portrait of Irena Beran (1921) has an interesting story reported by The Telegraph in 2007: "When the Nazis confiscated Rudolf Beran's family home in Czechoslovakia, he thought the beloved portrait of his mother would be lost for ever. Now, almost 70 years later, the 94-year-old has been reunited with the painting.
Mr Beran moved to England in 1937 and went on to own a lighting store in Birmingham. The Nazis seized the family home in 1942 and his father, Phillip, was sent to a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia, where he died.
Their possessions were also taken, including his mother Irena's portrait. It was painted in 1921 by the well-known Munich artist Hugo von Habermann and when a German enthusiast set up a Habermann website, Mr Beran's son donated a signed sketch of Irena.
Then in May last year, an official at a castle in Potsdam, Berlin, saw the original painting and contacted the website. It took two years for Mr Beran to reclaim it and it cost almost £1,000 to have it sent to him in Birmingham.
The painting was valued at more than £2,000 but Mr Beran said the sentimental value was priceless. "Once again, at the age of 94, I will have the pleasure of gazing at my mother's image over my own mantelpiece."

Schleiertanzerin (Veil Dancer), 1895

Portrait of a Lady (1908)

Portrait of Franzi Hoferichter

Young woman with a red flower

Frau in Lila, (Woman in Purple), ca 1925 

A portrait of a woman with fur and pearl necklace


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