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George Agnew Reid (1860-1947) Canadian Painter

George Agnew Reid is best known as a genre painter. His father was a farmer who came from Scotland at the age of twenty four to Weston, Ontario. George was one of six children.
In 1879, he studied at the Central Ontario School of Art, Toronto, and later at the Pennsylvania Academy, at the Julian and the Colarossi Academies in Paris, the Prado in Madrid. Later in life he was principal of the Central Ontario School of Art and Design.
 George Agnew Reid, Adagio, 1893

George Agnew Reid, Gossip, 1888

George Agnew Reid, The Call To Dinner , 1886-87

 George Agnew Reid, Forbidden Fruit, 1889

Reading, 1900, pastel

The Other Side of the Question, 1890

George Agnew Reid,  At the Window, 1888

 George Agnew Reid, The Story, 1890

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  1. How is that I have never heard of Reid, especially once he was at the Julian and the Colarossi Academies in Paris. I knew ALL the students who studied there. Perhaps images of ordinary families, as opposed to the aristocracy, weren't considered important enough.

    By the way, who owns these paintings now?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Some of his paintings belong to National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa and Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, British Columbia.
      The Other Side of the Question - Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
      At the Window -Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta
      Call to Dinner - McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton, Ontario


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